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Visit of Sh.Shri Suresh Kumar, IAS (Retd), Chairman CVPPPL to Projects 31-Mar-2021

Shri Suresh Kumar, IAS (Retd), Chairman CVPPPL visited Projects located in District Kishtwar, J&K on 31.3.2021 & 01.04.2021. During the Visit, he was accompanied by Sh. A.K.Choudhary, MD, CVPPPL, along with Sr Officers of CVPPPL.
On the way to Kiru HE Project, Chairman took a view of locations of major components of Kwar H.E Project. He visited Kiru H.E project on 31.3.2021, inspected and reviewed the progress of ongoing works of Diversion Tunnel, MAT, APST, VT & Dam site and expressed his satisfaction on the progress and lauded the efforts of all in day lighting the Diversion Tunnel and starting the works of Power House of the Project ahead of schedule. During his visit he took the Inaugural blast of Power House Cavern of Kiru HE Project.
During visit to Power House site of Pakal Dul H.E Project, he reviewed progress of works of Power House Cavern, Transformer Hall Cavern, Bus Ducts, Approach road to Surge Shaft Top, Surge Shaft Road Tunnel, Valve House, HRT-TBM platform area and advised to put in more efforts to complete the activities within stipulated time frame.
On 01.04.2021, Chairman visited Dam site of Pakal Dul H.E Project at Drangduran, during which he reviewed the progress of works of Diversion Tunnel Inlet Portal, Invert Lining of DT, Surface Spillway, Tunnel Spillway, HRT Intake and emphasized to expedite the works.
On 01.04.2021, Chairman interacted with DDC members of the project areas. A meeting was also held with D.C Kishtwar and Senior Officers of district administration wherein issues of implementation of RR Plan and other issues of concern related to projects were discussed.
Chairman also interacted with respective executing agencies of works packages and advised to ensure completion of works as per schedule.