List of Holidays

Holidays to be observed in the Calendar year 2022 at CVPPPL CO, Jammu and Camp Office Faridabad.

S.No Name of Holiday Date Day
National Holiday
1 Republic Day


2 Independence Day 15/08/2022 Monday
Other Holidays
1 Maha Shivratri 01/03/2022 Tuesday
2 Holi 18/03/2022 Friday
3 Good Friday 15/04/2022 Friday
4 Eid-Ul-Fitr* 03/05/2022 Tuesday
5 Muharram* 09/08/2022 Tuesday
6 Janamashtmi 19/08/2022 Friday
7 Dussehra 05/10/2022 Wednesday
8 Diwali (Deepawali) 24/10/2022 Monday
9 Accession Day 26/10/2022 Wednesday
10 Guru Nanak Dev's Birthday 08/11/2022 Tuesday

Note:  2nd October 2022-Mahatma Gandhi's Birthday is falling on Sunday and therefore has not been included in the above list of Holidays.

* Date of holiday may change due to appearance of Moon

Holidays notified by the Central Government over TV / All India Radio / Newspapers as Holidays applicable all over India or in the UT of J&K under the Negotiable Instruments Act shall also be observed as Holiday (s). Further, a holiday declared by GoJK, applicable to the offices including the offices of Central Government located in the UT of J&K, shall also be observed as a holiday.

In the event of change in the date of holiday due to moon appearances in respect of Eid-ul-Fitr & Muharram, announcement over TV/all India Radio/Newspapers should be treated as sufficient authority to observe holiday on that particular day.