Power Development in Jammu and Kashmir has a long and distinguished history. The estimated hydro power potential of the state is 20,000 Megawatts (MW), of which about 16475 MW have been identified. This comprises 11283 MW in Chenab basin, 3084 MW in Jhelum basin, 500 MW in Ravi Basin & 1608 MW in Indus basin. Out of the identified potential, only 3263.46 MW i.e. approximately 19.80 % (of identified potential) has been exploited so far, consisting of 1211.96 MW in State Sector from 21 power projects, 2009 MW in Central Sector from 7 projects and 42.5 MW in private sector from 4 projects.

These projects are techno-economically viable, besides being eco-friendly and socially beneficial. In order to harness this potential in a sustained manner, the Government of J&K established the Jammu & Kashmir State Power Development Corporation Limited (JKSPDCL) which has been incorporated as Private Limited Company on 16th February 1995. The Corporation was incorporated to takeover, execute, complete, operate and maintain all power stations and power projects of the State.


Project Details

Name of Power House Configuration Installed Capacity in MW
Jhelum River Basin
Lower Jhelum 3 x 35 105
Upper Sindh-I 2x11.3 22.6
Ganderbal 2x3+2x4.5 15
Upper Sindh-II 3x35 105
Pahalgam 3x1.5 4.5
Karnah 2x1 2
Chenab Basin
Chenani-I 5x4.66 23.30
Chenani-II 2x1 2
Chenani-III 3x2.5 7.50
Bhaderwah 3x0.5 1.5
Baghlihar Power Project 3x150 + 3x150 900
Ravi Basin
Sewa-III 3x3 9
Indus Basin
Iqbal 3x1.25 3.75
Hunder 2x0.20 0.40
Sumoor 2x0.05 0.10
Igo-Mercellong 2x1.50 3
Haftal 2x0.50 1
Marpachoo 3x0.25 0.75
Bazgo 2x0.15 0.30
Stakna 2x2 4
Sanjak 1 x 1.26 1.26
Total: 1211.96 MW    

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