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Commencement of Boring of Pilot Hole of 291m Deep Vertical Pressure Shaft Using Raise Boring Machine at Pakal Dul H.E. Project (1000 MW) of CVPP(P) Limited (A JV of NHPC and JKSPDC) 16-Jul-2021

Boring of pilot hole of 291m deep vertical Pressure Shaft of Pakal Dul H.E. Project (1000 MW) being executed by CVPP(P) Limited (A joint venture of NHPC and JKSPDC) commenced successfully as per schedule on 16th July, 2021 in the presence of Sh. A.K. Choudhary, Managing Director & Senior Officials of CVPP(P) Limited using state of the art Raise Boring Machine. Pakal Dul H.E. Project envisages construction of 4 nos. 291m deep, 3.9m diameter Pressure Shafts for transmission of water from HRT to Powerhouse. Commencement of boring of vertical Pressure Shaft is an important milestone towards successful commissioning of the project as per schedule.